Helen and Mitch’s Sunflower Session – MitcHelen September 30, 2019 / Love Stories Are you ready for this blog?? This session was definitely one of my favorites from this summer, and it was technically on the last day of summer! Mitch and Helen’s bubbly personalities and love for e... READ MORE Jeff and Cassandra’s Engagement – Sweet Vibes ONLY June 1, 2019 / Love Stories It's no secret that love story sessions bring me a lot of joy, but this one in particular was extremely exciting for me because my brother, Jeff, proposed to his girlfriend, Cassandra, and she is my ... READ MORE Stefanie and Tony’s Love that Heated the Evening! April 1, 2019 / Love Stories Stefanie reached out to me only about a week before our session, and we were both so excited that we planned it pretty quickly! As many of you know, Minnesota winters can be pretty brutal. But we try... READ MORE Krysia and Andrei – An Overseas Love Story December 14, 2018 / Love Stories I'm so excited to share this love story with you all because it is truly an amazing one. In July, my good friend, Krysia, messaged me about capturing some portraits of her and her boyfriend. We pulled... READ MORE Sarah and Alex’s Engagement – The Photos with the Ring! November 28, 2018 / Love Stories I have been taking photos of Sarah and Alex for YEARS! Basically since the beginning of my photography journey... and since they first started dating, which are both a long time. Alex and Sarah are h... READ MORE Haley & Jordan – Their Love Story July 27, 2018 / Love Stories Some of you may have noticed a new portfolio that is featured on my website called, "Love Stories." This may be a little odd to some people who are used to traditional portfolios such as weddings or e... READ MORE Sarah & Alex’s Surprise Engagement! May 7, 2018 / Love Stories First off, I'd like to say hello and welcome everyone to my blog! I can't wait to document my sessions so everyone can get a closer look at my most recent sessions. For starters, I got to kick off my ... READ MORE