In late May, I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the Buffalo Royalty girls! I also took headshots for the 2018 candidates. Getting to spend this chilly Saturday morning with the royalty girls was a lot of fun, and we were able to capture the beauty of not only them but also the city of Buffalo!


Ironically I used to live in Montrose, Minnesota so I attended Buffalo Community Middle School through eighth grade until I moved to Brooklyn Park the following year. It is always fun to return to Buffalo and I also had a chance to see some of my old classmates which was great!

The 2017 royalty girls were full of spirit and laughter, and they made my job so easy! Truly beautiful inside and out, they are a wonderful representation of the city of Buffalo. It was a very chilly, gloomy morning but we made the best of it. The girls were so tough in the cold, it was very impressed! I was wearing jeans and a jacket and I swear I was colder than them!

2017 Buffalo Royalty Princess Hannah Walenta (left), Miss Buffalo Ashley Weber (middle), Princess Noelle Green (right).

Buffalo’s journal, The Drummer, wrote an article about the Buffalo Royalty and this year’s candidates. You can read it here.

Congratulations to the 2018 Buffalo Royalty Miss Buffalo Ali Tokkesdal, Princess Gina Miller, and Princess CeCe Miller!

We couldn’t resist having a little fun at the end. I always like to check if my clients have any “must-have” photos, and this is what the royalty girls came up with! We were trying to re-create the crowning moment!

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