Last fall, I reached out to Hailey, who I had been following on social media for probably several years, and we planned a photo session! This was hands-down probably one of my favorite sessions of 2018. Fall is my favorite time for photography, and this park (Crow-Hassan Park Reserve) had been on my list of places I wanted to photograph for a long time! I absolutely LOVE Crow’s horse trails and had ridden my own horse here, so I knew we would get some great shots at sunset.

Hailey and her mom, Ronna, were so great – they trailered her two horses probably about an hour just for our session, and they were so ready for anything I had in mind for our session! The horses, Salty and Jet, were very calm and both so photogenic. And the same goes for Hailey!

I really loved how clear it was in-person and through the images how much Hailey loves her horses and enjoys being around them. She is actually a barrel-racer (and competes in many other rodeo events) and one hell of a rider!

I also want to mention how a good friend of mine, Becky from Rebeca Paro Photography, was a huge help during this session! She captured some amazing behind-the-scenes for me and was there to help in so many ways!

My favorite shot from this session was taken by the lake just off one of the horse trails. During this moment, Salty was actually putting her head up and down frequently, but Hailey stuck through it and in an instant I was able to capture this amazing shot, one that will be one of my favorites for a very long time! This is a perfect example of working with horses, you just need to be patient and keep working through it, and those little moments really make all the difference!

Here are some behind-the-scenes captured by Becky!

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