I offer 30 minute sessions because I understand not everyone wants to spend over $200 on pictures, and I want to keep things affordable. Many photographers don’t do this, but sometimes I really am amazed with how much we can do in only 30 minutes and the amazing shots that can come of it! Haley’s session was a perfect example of that. We had a short session that flew by as if it were really 5 minutes, but the photos we got are some of my favorite from this summer!

I drove down to Haley’s barn in Cannon Falls for her session. It was off a quiet highway and the surrounding area was simple and all country. I loved it! We used fields and grass for the majority of the photos, and the sun was in the perfect position that night! I was actually super happy with the weather because our session was originally scheduled for the night before, but that day ended up being cloudy and windy. We rescheduled to the following day and I was so glad! The sunset was perfect and our session was timed really well with the lighting.

I hope you all love these magical, glowing shots as much as I do!

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