Some of you may have noticed a new portfolio that is featured on my website called, “Love Stories.” This may be a little odd to some people who are used to traditional portfolios such as weddings or engagements, but I did not want to limit my work to people getting married. I truly believe you don’t need a special occasion like that to have photos taken, and every love story is beautiful. My goal is to capture the immense love between two people and tell their story through my images, and that is what my Love Stories portfolio will showcase.

To kick off this new addition to my website, I did a session with my good friend Haley and her boyfriend, Jordan, with their two horses and dog. Haley and I had been discussing this photo session since winter, so I was so excited to finally bring it all together!

Haley and Jordan

It was a beautiful June evening with clear skies and a sun that was beginning to get low in the sky. Haley and Jordan keep their horses at a beautiful barn in the West Metro that has lovely rolling hills and even a lake. As soon as I saw this scenery, I couldn’t wait to get started!

We started off with portraits on the ground with both horses and eventually added Haley’s dog, Dally. It was our goal to get one great shot of all of them together, and I was so excited as I took the photos because I knew they would turn out beautifully. Immediately after I took this shot, I knew it would be a winner!

It was so fun to bring so much love of not only two people but also their love of animals together for these photos. It was a perfect night and I was crazy excited to begin editing as soon as I left!

Towards the end of our session we used one of the beautiful hills for some silhouette shots, and I am in love with how they turned out!


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