Are you ready for this blog?? This session was definitely one of my favorites from this summer, and it was technically on the last day of summer! Mitch and Helen’s bubbly personalities and love for each other really made it a fun session and I’m basically in love with every image! Also, make sure you keep scrolling to the very end… You’re not going to want to miss this surprise!

Helen and I actually met years ago in a college class. We were friendly with each other but didn’t talk much. Ironically, I saw a photo on someone’s Instagram one day and thought, “That girl looks familiar!” Turns out it was Helen, and I reached out to her to see if she remembered me. We decided that we wanted to set up a shoot sometime that summer (at that time we were actually discussing a sunflower field shoot!) but unfortunately our schedules never aligned and it never worked out. We kept in touch, still trying to set up a shoot but it wasn’t timing out correctly.

Then this summer, we finally made it happen! And we included Mitch to capture their love story, one of my favorite kinds of sessions. I suggested the sunflower field and we made the plan.

I was super bummed out the day of our session when I was on my way to the sunflower field and right then the sun went behind a cloud for the rest of the evening. Normally I want full sun for my photos, but I figured the sunflowers were enough of a background!

We walked around the whole field, played with prompts, and talked a ton! It was such a fun evening!

THEN, the best part. Some of you may know that I send out questionnaires before my love story sessions. I was SO excited when I received Mitch’s questionnaire back the night before, because on top of all the sweet things he had to say about Helen, he told me he planned to give her a promise ring at the end of the photo session. He wanted me to pose her away from him and then have her turn around to him holding the ring as a surprise! How romantic is that?!?

Helen and Mitch also just started a YouTube channel together called MitcHELEN. I highly recommend you check out their videos, they even made a vlog of our photo session! (So you get to hear some behind-the-scenes of what it’s like to work with me!)

Check out that video here.

Also, be sure to follow them on Instagram! @themitchelen

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