Tina reached out to me last summer in hopes that I would capture some memories of her and her beloved QH/Appaloosa mare that she was preparing to sell. Babe was 21 years old and had been in Tina’s family since Babe was 2, which is such a long time to grow fond of a horse! Tina was about to sell Babe to a nice family with a little girl to love her, but understandably wanted some photos of them together first to keep for memories!

At this particular time last summer, there had been some wildfires burning in Canada that caused smoke to reach all the way near the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Sadly, this cast a sort of filter over our sunlight for days and it was pretty hazy. I hadn’t been expecting this before Tina’s session, but I’m actually thrilled with how the images turned out. I think the mood of the sun really sets the tone for the emotion between Tina and Babe!

One of my favorite parts of this session was Tina telling me that she had gotten a tattoo in memory of her and Babe’s time together. She wanted to make sure I was able to capture a photo of it with her mare, and I am SO happy with the result. I think it came out beautifully.

Tina and Babe’s relationship was a love story in itself. I’m so thankful Tina chose me to help her capture these memories to cherish all her life.

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